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Make a difference to an Coastline near you

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It is Our Ocean, but this is My Coastline and I must fight to protect it

At a time when travel is restricted, the demand has grown for Conservation Diver to expand to new areas in order to service a more localized requirement for marine conservation instruction and create more evidence led research centers. And we need your help.

For many years, Conservation Diver has been serving a global market of aspiring and established marine conservationists, who travel to our locations to expand their knowledge, advance their techniques, learn the necessary skills to preserve the ocean and contribute to the scientific community. Many of our students have taken the teachings they received from Conservation Diver to start their own conservation initiatives, explore further research and be a driving force to improve global attitudes towards the oceans.

Without travel, instead of thinking globally, our supporters are focused more than ever on the local marine environment around them. It is Our Oceans, but right now, we must focus on My Coastline.

The Our Ocean. My Coastline. campaign is focused on bringing the teachings and knowledge of Conservation Diver closer to you.

It’s been a busy few months but we now have plans in place to launch new centers in Europe, North America and Africa in 2021, so that we can support and service marine conservationists in these regions. Additionally we intend to implement instructor training in each area in order to foster the next generation of marine scientists. However, we can’t do this without you. Your support will be vital in making this happen.

Why is Conservation Diver so important to support?

- Our flagship programs are some of the only conservation centers that have been proven to deliver long term restoration solutions and successful community buy-ins.

- We have over 15 years’ worth of scientific-diving teaching experience, which form the basis of our scientifically proven methodologies. It is import to the global conservation effort to have as many programs as possible working to the standard we have set forth.

- Our catalogue of over 20 courses have been designed with research and science in mind, and we continue to adapt these to varying marine ecosystems in order to cover a wider range of topics and data outputs.

- Conservation Diver has led a number of scientific publications including articles, reports and books that improve the pool of scientific literature to help us better understand different underwater ecosystems. (

- We are determined to spread the knowledge we have gained in order to equip people to initiate action and through our networks, help connect those who want to make a difference and realize their potential to drive change.

Why support us now?

Supporting our mission is more important than ever. Since having to temporarily close some of our centers this year, our board of directors has been working tirelessly to ensure that Conservation Diver survives this storm. To grow is to survive and by the 31st December, Conservation Diver will need to have finalized its 2021 plans and set forth commitments to the expansion of our cause.

Please donate today.